BP2 Inox di Zaghi Pierantonio s.a.s. - Company

Since 1976 our company designs and manufactures machines and plants for mixing liquids, powders, pastes, etc. ….

Our equipment is employed in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries in dispersion, emulsion and mixing processes, etc. …

Our experience in the field of the under vacuum processes technology allows us to manufacture machines and plants designed to operate in industrial processes requiring a very high vacuum value (residual vacuum lower than 1 mbar).

The whole production cycle (design, manufacture and final tests) is carried out in our company.
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BP2 Inox di Zaghi Pierantonio s.a.s.- Via Firenze, 13/b 20063 Cernusco s/Naviglio (MI) - P.I.: 11311890153 - Tel 02 92102620